Note: This game was created for Ludum Dare 41. Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

This entry was later developed into the full game with levels, new visuals and new gimmicks available on Steam:

Check it out, if you liked this demo of sorts

Welcome to the Greenspawn Restaurant, where we make only finest salads and other stuff only from freshly hunted angriest vegetables. They are so fresh, you can even hear them screaming, while your order is being prepared. So yeah, it’s a combination of a cooking game and a shooter (and, i suppose, a hunting game in premise alone, but I’m still counting a free feature).

Oh, and I guess, that cooking games work like that. I really hope they do.

Also, the cursor might not show up in some browsers (notably Microsoft Edge, so if you are having this problem try Firefox, where it definitely should probably maybe work)


  • Seamless blend of cooking game, shooter and a hunting game;
  • Intense action;
  • Gorgeous(?) art;
  • Biting satire and jokes and shit.

As it's a Compo game, so source code is available on my BitBucket.

Development log