Play as a Space Robot, that travels through the space on a Space Ship in an exciting top-down shooter thingy. Shoot things! Upgrade your ship! Explore the map! Kill the boss!

It's a Ludum Dare game, made in under 48 hours, so please be patient. And I would really appreciate if you leave a comment and rate my game here

Alternatively, you can check out my other games or support me on Patreon. I would really appreciate if you did any of those things.


  • Challenging ship controls! And no, I don't just mean bad, they are decent. Alright. Functional.
  • Partially destructible environment! Well, there is an asteroid belt, that has a lot of physics objects and you can shoot them a bit.
  • Customizable Ship! You can disable crucial ship systems to save a bit of power. Also, you can upgrade those systems.
  • Open World! Yes, small, but it's still pretty open. And it's not procedurally generated as well, so your experience is carefully crafted by an actual gamedesigner. Well, not "actual", but I try my best.
  • Sounds! Yes!
  • Excitement! Yes!