Curse of the Madman's Exploration Alpha is out!

So, I've made quite a significant update to the game. Now, instead of having to press button to spawn a new enemy to fight, game has a full on exploration of a randomly generated level. Nothing fancy so far, but it's a groundwork for the exploration-based gameplay. 

For this exploration system, I've made a simple, but nice looking camera, which works perfectly for this style of movement.

Also, I tweaked the progression, so now you shouldn't get a new Curse level after every battle, and made a bunch of under-the-hood improvements.

Have a look for yourself!


  • Added exploration elements. Now player explores randomly generated rooms with enemies in them.
  • "Game Over" screen now shows the results of the current run;
  • Added background graphics;
  • Excess of curse points in now not carried over to the next level;
  • Slowed overall progression;
  • Minor big fixes.

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