A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a Ludum Dare 46 submission. Theme: Keep it alive

Manage your very own indie game and try to keep it alive *wink-wink* through the development process!


  • Customize your game and yourself! Change game's name half way through! Change the genre half way through! Add features!
  • Buy new stuff in the Asset Store for real fake money! 
  • Manage your game! Balance your features and progress against the focus (or, well, boredom) of your team;
  • Hire new people! Fire new people! Their destiny is in your hands! Your destiny is in the hands of the random number generator!
  • Jokes! Not even sorry for most them!
  • Lack of tutorial! An exciting opportunity to venture into the unknown or a cut corner to get the submission out on time?  We both know which one it is, but why don't we pretend it's fun!
  • It logs your progress! Relieve the fun memories of the past couple of minutes at the very end of your game.

How To Play:

So, about that lack of the tutorial.  

The main goal of the game is to get your game to the finish line. To do that, you must fill all 4 bars (Game Design, Programming, Art and Sound (last one is certainly ironic considering this game's soundscape)). Each developer you take on the team add points to the bars every couple of seconds (that's Delay stat). You can review each dev's stats on the Team screen.

How do you hire new people then? From the same Team screen. Just pick the devs you like from the list of available people and click them. This list refreshes every once in a while.

Now, making indie games for free for prolonged periods of time leads to the loss of focus and Boredom. That's the grey bar on top of the bars. Every time it fills -- a developer you hired leaves the project. If you don't have any more people on the team and you yourself get bored -- that's Game Over.

So, how do you prevent it? Change the project over at the Project screen, of course. Add new features, change name, genre or theme -- go nuts. But, obviously, overhauling the project half way through comes at a great (well, -ish) cost. You lose some of the points you already accumulated.

Some people on your team come with free money. Go over to the Store and spend it on assets to boost your bars and alleviate some boredom.

As your project comes to an end (successfully or not) you will be shown a log of story of your game's development. 

Now that I'm writing this, I realize that you kinda have to Alt+F4 out of the game to start over, but it's a bit late to change things, huh.

Anyway, really hope you enjoy it. Leave some feedback if you feel like it (you might not even realize how valuable this stuff really is), rate it on Ludum Dare site and thanks for playing!


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